I really liked reading Martha Gonzalez chapter on “Zapateado Afro-Chicana Fandango Style”. What appealed to me the most about this piece is the way in which the author connected her professional interests back to her childhood. I loved the way Martha told us a story in such a colorful and personal way, allowing us to see her own influences when it came to music and dance. What really caught my attention was the way Martha connects her struggles as a child of an immigrant parent living in a place she did not feel she could fully be herself. Because she grew up with a complicated father figure who refused to connect to anything American, Martha found a hard time finding her own voice. I really appreciated the way she described to us how the arts provided a space for Martha to claim her complex identity. Although she was raised in the U.S, her father and his connection to Mexico and the Mexican culture still played a great role in Martha’s life. Music gave her an ability to express her unique voice without having to deny any part of who she was. Martha also briefly brings up this idea of Hollywood attempting to sexualize her which we have seen a few times in this course and I think it would be interesting to hear more of her take on this issue.