“Zapateado Afro-Chicana Fandango Style” by Martha Gonzalez was a very interesting piece to read. I really enjoyed reading about her life growing up and how those memories she kept became a part of her life forever. Coming from a Latino background, I can relate when she says “Music was the center of our cultural experience.” (pg.2) A lot of the artists she mentioned were some of the ones my parents used to play all the time. I hadn’t been to Mexico since I was 3, so growing up I had a difficulty learning and celebrating my culture. The music my parents played was like a piece of Mexico in our home. It’s something I know I will always carry with me, so it’s cool knowing that Gonzalez felt the same about her experiences.
Gonzalez also expresses the difficulties of growing up with immigrant parents who’s dad was totally against American culture. My dad was the same way growing up. It can be very difficult to “act Mexican” in such a different culture setting. However, through her adversities I was very impressed that she was able to overcome those obstacles and find her voice through music. Understanding where you came from not only reminds you why you do the things you do, but also give you a perspective to look back at when you need that inspiration to strive and try something new.