In the article “Rock The Nation” by Roberto Avant-Mier, it was really interesting to learn about all the Latin influence in music. I didn’t realize it had such in impact with other artists. He mentioned Shakira and Ricky Martin in the beginning and how they blew up in the states. I remember being young and hearing Ricky Martin’s song, “Livin’ Da Vida Loca”. It was really big in the 90’s but he ended up being a one hit wonder with that song since that is the one song people identify him with. It was interesting that they thought Shakira was going to be the next Madonna. I don’t think she quite hit that status in America but she was big when she first started out with her hit, “Whenever, Wherever”. She sort of disappeared from the scene but being on the hit TV show the Voice has gained her more recognition. I was never aware the influence that Latin music had on other artists such as, the song “Twist and Shout” by the Isley Brothers in 1962. I have the cover of that song by the Beatles on my iPod and I never noticed that but now I will listen more closely. Latin even spilled over in the rock scene which surprised me such with the song “Sympathy for the Devil” which was based on the mambo and Van Morrison’s song, “Brown Eyed Girl” which I am really familiar with is based on the mambo too and I never realized that.

I listened to the excerpt from Women With Attitude and it was crazy to hear that in 1959, 14 year old Mexican American Rosie Mendez Hamlin wrote the melody for “Angel Baby” and became a national hit in 1961. It took years for her to gain song writing credit for ‘Angel Baby”. This song influenced a generation of girl groups that came after her. I had never heard of her but I was so impressed that by the age of 14, she wrote a song but it seemed ridiculous that it took years for her to get recognition for it. It was interesting to learn about the Eastside singing sound which is a mix of Mexican genres and African American vocalizing. In the 1971 hit, You’re No Good” by Linda Ronstadt she mixes country, R&B with gospel harmonies. I have heard this song before but I never caught all of those genres that are prominent in that song.