After reading Avant-Mier’s “Latinos in the Garage” and listening to the American Sabor sound story “L.A Punk to Banda Rap,” I was greatly impressed by the influence Chicano musicians had on rock music as described in both stories.

            In “Latinos in the Garage,” Mier described the influence Latinos had in the early rock n’ roll scene. He first described the late 90’s scene when the media was describing the “Latin craze” as a wave of Latin musicians became popular. He tried to refute that by showing the influence that Latino musicians had throughout rock history. I was really impressed by the list of artists he mentioned as being influenced by Latino music. Everybody from the Beatles to Nirvana had some experience with Latin music and that directly appeared in their work. You can especially hear it in the Beatles’ cover of “Twist and Shout.” The riff definitely gives off a Latin groove vibe, which I noticed  in many other songs of 60’s as well.

            “L.A Punk to Banda Rap” showed me that Chicanos have had a steady presence in the music scene especially those protesting the status quo. From Alice Bag to the lead singer of Rage against the Machine, Chicanos have had much influence in music associated with standing up against authority. It displayed that chicano rock groups are not anything new. It is just now that the mainstream is starting to notice them.

            Both stories have changed my view of how current rock n’ roll was formed. I used to wonder how bands like the Beatles or the Rolling Stones suddenly came up with a new sound that revolutionized music. After reading these stories, I understand that their sounds were just a result of the evolution of music that had been played for centuries. They gave a slight twist to music was constantly be changed by musicians at the time.