When reading this week’s reading, I immediately thought of Childish Gambino’s “Bonfire.” He celebrates the luxuries (sex and alcohol) that we often associate with rap, but he is also dismissed by his peers for “acting white” and not conforming to the stereotypes about rappers. Just because he does not conform to what people assume to be a traditional rapper to be, he is often just tossed aside as “acting  white” or trying to prove he’s black by rapping. It is similar to how some people assume is being racist by distancing herself from traditional pop. Both are accused of trying to appropriate black culture while trying to act as white as possible.

After reading the “Collaborations and Congratulations,” I looked up the Kendrick Lamar and Imagine Dragons collaboration during the Grammy. Like Ann Powers said, their music blended very well. Regardless of race, their music has this same apocalyptic feel to it. While Imagine Dragons sings of an actual apocalyptic event, Kendrick Lamar raps of Compton and his description fits this similar apocalyptic feel of a place that has suffered. Their lyrics fit thematically and the music blended incredibly. It is an excellent example of the new style of multicultural music that is defines Millennial music.