As I mapped my way to the Women Who Rock Conference to determine the bus I needed to take, I had accidently put the street number as east. I got off the bus and I sent a good two hours wandering the streets trying to find Washington Hall. I asked numerous people where Washington Hall was and none of them had any idea. I was surprised to find this out given it is such a historic building and the fact that Jimmy Hendrix and Billie Holiday played there. I eventually realized I had put the address in wrong and I flagged down a cab. It took him a minute to figure out where I wanted to go once I told him Washington Hall but he eventually got where it was. I ended up not being too far away from it which was good. I arrived at about 6:20 and I as I walked in, there were a bunch of people at the entrance where I grabbed a name tag. I had just got there when the film ended and there wasn’t much going on since they were getting ready for the community jam session which was going to start at 6:30. There were a bunch of tables where people were selling things including a Native American man selling jewelry that he made.  Once the jam session started, there were a bunch of performers playing instruments and stomping along to it and they surrounded each other doing it. I was very fun and it was very much free style in the way they were playing and stomping along to the music. Afterwards, a group of women who play drums came on stage to perform and it was island style music. They played Jammin by Bob Marley which was my favorite of the night. They invited anyone who wanted to join them on Sundays at 1:30 I think it was and you don’t have to have any prior music experience. It is just a fun way to play music and be a part of a group. They incorporated dancing into their songs which was really cool. While some were still playing, a group of them went up front and started dancing to the music. This made a bunch of the onlookers start dancing too. Once the community jam session was over, I got to see Evelyn Harris do a cool mash up of where she talked about her life and incorporated songs into it. She was a part of the acclaimed Black Women’s acapella ensemble, Sweet Honey. I stayed for her performance until 8:30. All in all, I would say that it was a lot more fun that I had expected minus the part where I was trying to find Washington Hall for two hours. Besides that though, it was just fun to see a community of women come together to share their love of music with one another.