I enjoyed the reading by Eric Wesibard where he talked about the Pop Conference at Experience Music Project. Many of the pop musicians mentioned in the article, I am familiar with and listen to. It was interesting to hear the comparison with topping the pop charts between Shania Twain and Metallica since they are such different artists. I grew up listening to Shania Twain since my mom always played her music and she had so many chart toppers in her career. She was one of the few country artists who were really big in the pop world as well as country since her songs had such a pop sound to them. I also listened to a lot of Nirvana’s music and he was a major performer in the 90’s in rock and roll and grunge music. The song, “Over the Rainbow” by Israel Kamakawiwo mentioned in the article is such a great song. He is this big Samoan guy who has such a beautiful tone in his voice when he sings. I liked the quote at the end of the article that said, “People who complain that thinking, writing, or talking too much about music ‘ruins’ or is not rock’ ‘n’ roll’ are getting it backwards,” Wilson insists. “Whether or not the music needs any discussion, discussion needs the music. Rock may not need discourse but discourse needs to be rocked.” I agree with this quote and that is why I think it’s such a great idea to have a pop conference. Talking about music is so fun and such a passion of mine that I can’t imagine not talking about it. You learn so much about others, the artists, and their influences when talking about music. It brings people together in a fun and interesting way.

The reading, “Look Right Through Me” was interesting to me since I have never heard of Mia Zapata. She was very much her own person in punk and hard rock and it was tragic to hear that she was murdered. While the audience and other artists went more mainstream, Mia kept her individualism. This sort of concept of being successful in the music industry by doing your own thing reminded me of Nirvana who I mentioned in the previous reading. He had the grunge look about which seemed like he never showered and the gravely tone to his voice made him a huge success in the 90’s. He was his own person and it worked for him just like Mia Zapata.