The article by Eric Davis was definitely the most compelling to me personally. “When the Mountain crumbles to the Sea” brought up a ton of interesting information about Led Zeppelin I was never aware of. I don’t have much knowledge on rock history but my view on the band was that they were authentic musicians who created their own music and gave credit where it was due.

In the article, I read that Led Zeppelin came together because of Blues music and that was an element they used to create their music. However, their blues music they adapted was not just an influence to their music, but something they took away from others. In the song “When the Levee Breaks,” there is definitely an influence of that blues sound that they took from other musician’s songs. I found it very interesting that we as listeners only get to see what the musicians produce. We do not get to see their process of selecting their lyrics or musical influences. Everything they produce comes out under their name and the people who helped create the soundtrack get no credit.

Not saying it is wrong for artists not to do that if they legitimately purchased the lyrics or agreed with the collaborators, but sometimes its important to think of all the other components and additions rather than just the main star themselves.