In the article by Eric Davis, Led Zepplin’s career is covered. Led Zepplin first came together musically when they were influenced by blues and incorporated it into their music.”When the Levee Breaks” is Zepplins’s first definitive blues song on record. They never gave credit to the blues musicians with whom played a major role in their sound which I found interesting. African American artists influenced many other white musicians such as Elvis Presley. He had a unique sound to his voice that originated from the blues. Another point I found interesting was that in music it is about making money and Willie Dixon won after using Led Zepplin in the 1980’s for stealing his lyrics “Whole Lotta Love” 

In Daphne Brooks article, she discusses the success of Bob Dylan. He was like Zepplin in a way where his most recent release, 2006’s “Modern Times”, he uses lyrics from Henry Timrod and turned it into a sound of multiple black bluesmen. Just like Zepplins’s music, Dylan’s late-career are rich, iconic examples of racial mixing and transgressive social encounters that shape and influence criticism in rock music.